How We Came to Be

We’ve all had a “Pops” in our life, whether that be your grandfather, your father, or even a father-like figure. What is a “Pops” you might ask? He’s the person who always answers your calls and is there for you without a second thought.

When we were first starting this endeavor, we knew we had to communicate to the community how much we care and there’s no better way to show that than through positioning ourselves as everyone’s “Pops”.

The Hardee’s have always believed that everyone should have a “Pops” to count on, so when we were brainstorming names, we knew we had to honor the original “Pops”, owner Tommy Hardee’s grandfather, a local entrepreneur and fierce advocate for his community. From a long line of entrepreneurs, “Pops” was first the owner of the Ford dealership in Madison, FL along with a gas company. When he eventually gave that gas company to another community member – yes you heard that right, gave – the only payment he asked is that his wife would always be able to get free gas.

With the spirit of all the “Pops” before us, we are proud to serve the Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, and Suwannee counties area and are actively working to expand our reach to the surrounding counties. Our goal has been, and always will be, to support our community in as many ways as possible while building strong relationships with our customers.

“Pops” – James Hardee